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Broadway Rectangular Chandelier

Contemporary Chandeliers

Broadway Rectangular Chandelier

This eye-catching crystal chandelier is composed of high quality polished stainless steel finished in nickel plate. Different lengths of chains of amber and blush pink glass drops form a sensational waterfall effect as they hang from the mount. Multiple layers of crystal and glass mask the bulbs within which when lit radiates a soft and warm light. The chandelier shown here is suspended from the ceiling with four invisible metal strings which anchor onto a single central ceiling mount. Bespoke sizes and finishes (bronze, antique brass, copper, polished brass, gold plated) are available to order. Only the visible parts of the chandelier will be finished in your custom plate as the bottom of frame (hidden) needs to be finished in polished stainless steel in order to reflect and circulate the light.  It would be a showpiece in any dining room, above a kitchen island or in the lobby of a grand hotel.


8  x 40 watt bulbs

Length: 150 cm ( 59 inches)

Width: 40 cm (15.75 inches)

Drop: 60 cm (23 inches)

Estimated weight: 31 kg

Price:  £5,800