Regency Chandeliers and Interiors | Regency Chandeliers and Interiors store - showroom, Cheltenham
We are Regency Chandeliers and Interiors store - beautiful handcrafted Chandeliers and lights in Cheltenham. Luxury glass chandeliers with Chech and Swarovski cristal...
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About us

Welcome to Regency Chandeliers & Interiors!

Regency Chandeliers & Interiors is an independent company specializing in fine crystal chandeliers, modern lighting and furniture. Our range has been growing constantly since we established in September 2016. The company was formed and is run today by a couple called Sylwia and Andrew Mackintosh.

The heart of our business is bespoke chandeliers, which are handcrafted using the highest quality crystal and metal components. Our range  includes traditional as well as modern chandelier designs. Samples of our products can be seen in our Cheltenham showroom, conveniently situated in the bustling centre of Montpellier.

Rectangular chandelier

Whether it is a tiny chandelier suitable for low ceilings or one of a grander scale, we always endeavor to deliver services of the highest quality. We highlight our products with over five different finishes such as nickel, antique brass, polished brass, gold plated metal and our newest one, copper. On request our chandeliers can be produced in Swarovski crystal gems and in different colours to suit every interior.

We will help you choose the best lighting for your interior or exterior and on request we will also travel to customers’ home address to show you our range of high end products.