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Work Gallery - interior design portfolio - Regency Chandeliers and Lights. See how did we do our job. We offer instalations of all chandeliers and lights in your home or office. Visit our showroom in Cheltenham.
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Cookie files policy

This Policy applies to cookie files and websites operated by “REGENCY Chandeliers and Lights” company registered in United Kingdome with it’s registered office in Cheltenham (hereinafter referred to as: „websites”).

What are cookie files

Cookie files are IT data, in particularly text files, which are stored on the users’ terminal equipment, and are intended for using websites. These files allow identifying the user equipment, and correspondently show the website adjusted to the user individual preferences. Cookie files usually contain the name of the website they come from, period of time for which they are stored on the terminal equipment, and unique number.

What are cookie files used for

Cookie files are used to adjust the website content to the user preferences, and to improve website experience. Cookie files are also used to create anonymous aggregated statistics, which help to understand how a user uses websites. This allows to improve the website structure and content, excluding the user identification.

Do cookie files contain private data?

Private data gathered by means of cookie files may only be collected to perform the defined operations, to the benefit of the user. These data are coded to exclude the access of unauthorized people.

Cookies files delete

Standard software used for browsing websites allows storing cookie files on the terminal equipment by default. These settings can be changed to block automatic use of cookie files in website browser settings, or to inform about cookie files every time they are to be stored on the user’s equipment. Detailed information about how cookies are used and managed are available in the settings of software (website browser).

Please be informed that limiting the use of cookie files can cause changes in the functions available on the website.